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Bespoke or Custom-Made, inscribed oriental rugs and carpets are the ultimate in personalized furnishing. For these we have in Lahore, Pakistan, a well established tradition that goes back several centuries. The Girdler's Carpet, of which the Worshipful Company of Girdlers, London, is still the proud owner, was made in Lahore, especially for the company, way back around 1620.

TABLE and other carpets for the bedchamber of Mary de Guise, Queen of Scotland, in Stirling Castle Palace, Scotland

Table Carpet Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle


Aynard Flower and Niche  rug
Flower and Niche Carpet

Pictorial mughal carpet
Lahori Pictorial Rug

Spanish carpet
Tower Rug

Reproduction Lotto Rug

More great Carpets from Lahore


Made-to-order Carpets & Rugs

  • For special interiors; to meet difficult, even non-traditional colour or design requirements.
  • Gifts for loved ones marking special events like weddings and anniversaries. We will be happy to integrate into the design and weave into the fabric, names, dates and other texts celebrating the occasion.
  • Emblems, Coats of Arms, Corporate Logos.
  • Your own art-work.
Our Custom-made Carpets are far more affordable than you might expect. Do check up our PRICES.

Museum Quality Replicas Of Classical Carpets

We do all authentic classical, period, exotic and standard Mughal, Persian, Spanish, Turkish, Tribal, Village and workshop weaves. Armed with generations of experience in this field we can ensure that the replica is true to the original not only visually but also technically and structurally. The Lotto Rug and especially the Spanish Rug made for the Conservator of Historic Royal Palaces illustrate our approach to reproduction antique carpet weaving.

Made strictly to order, our replicas are mint condition masterpieces crafted in the classic tradition with the weave and palette emulating the original as closely as possible. Both the virgin wool pile and the foundation retain all their strength, resilience and suppleness.

Should you desire an old look it will be achieved not through chemical or physical mistreatment, euphemistically known as "herbal" or "chemical" wash, but through masterly dyeing and weaving alone.

Dr. G. C. M. Birdwood on Bespoke Carpet Weaving

"No native, however, works so well from a pattern as spontaneously. His copy will be a facsimile of the pattern, but stiff, even if it be a copy of his own original work. His hand must be left free in working out the details of decoration, even from the restraint of the examples of his own masterpieces.

If he is told simply, "Now I want you to make something in this style, in your own way, but the best thing you ever did, and you may take your own time about it, and I will pay you whatever you ask, he is sure to succeed. It is haggling and hurry that have spoiled art in Europe, and are spoiling it in Asia."

The Arts of India 1880

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design portfolio

Four Sesons Carpet

Arabesque design carpet

Purple Carpet

Lahore Bird Carpet
Bird Carpet

Prayer rug, sedjadeh, jamamaz

Zil Soltan Carpet
Zil Soltan

Lahore Herati carpet

Paisley, Boteh design rug

Isfahan carpet

Medallion and Corner design, plain ground



Exotic carpet cushion covers
Cushion Covers


SHADES OF Natural dyes walnutWalnut Bark