Lahori Carpet Fragment with Gaja-simha, Simurgh, Elephants and other creatures




Technical Data

Mughal Carpet with Anqa motif

design portfolio

Four Sesons Carpet

Arabesque design carpet

Purple Carpet

Zil Soltan Carpet
Zil Soltan

Prayer rug, sedjadeh, jamamaz


The Back
Exposed warp strings

Mughal carpet back view

Marker Warps
colour differentiated, after every 50
Mughal carpet markers in warp

Mughal anqa carpet detail



17th C mogul miniature
Anqa miniature

Border detail
mughal carpet detail

Mainfield detail
Mughal carpet with anqa detail

Custom Made Mughal RugPictorial mughal carpet
Lahori Pictorial Rug
with Gaja-simha and other mythical creatures

Taken as booty by Nader Shah of Iran, upon the fall of Lahore in 1738, the carpet is said to have been gifted by him to a family of local Khans (rulers) who had aided him against the Moguls. They, being four brothers, carved it up into four equal pieces. This fragment was acquired from their descendants, by the present owner, about two decades ago. We are in the middle of verifying the history of this carpet and preparing a preliminary-to-restoration report on it. Hope to add more details to this page later if anything new turns up.

If you have any information about the missing fragments of this carpet or of other carpets, paintings or any other works of mughal art with this motif I would love to hear from you. Your comments, insights and suggestions will also be most welcome.

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