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Your oriental rug is a durable textile made with loving care to last many generations. It is also a valuable work of art, an antique of the future, which deserves to be treated as such. Taking proper care of it will not only prolong its' life,  but also enhance its beauty and save you unnecessary restoration expenses.

1. For daily cleaning brush the surface in the direction of the pile. Never brush against the pile as this pushes the dirt into the carpet and may even pull fibres out of the pile. Grit and dirt have an abrasive action on both the pile and the foundation which can be very damaging, so vacuum the carpet thoroughly at least once a week using the upholstery nozzle. Never use the powered rotary brush attachments and it is better not to vacuum the fringes. Ensure that the surface under the carpet is always clean, dry and free from grit at all times.

2. Keep the carpet absolutely dry. Over time damp rots both the foundation and the pile so never spread a valuable carpet in a damp area. Remove spilled liquids immediately from the face and back preferably with a wet vacuum cleaner. And if that is not available use a clean white towel or sponge. Then gently smooth the wet portion so that it lies in the same direction as the rest of the pile. To dry sun the carpet at once; first the face then the back. If this is not possible use a hand held hair-drier set on medium to dry both the pile and the back but do not overdo this. Remember to sun the carpet at the first opportunity.

3. Every six months sun the carpet for at least two days. Spread it FACE DOWN on a dry, clean, flat surface but not on the lawn. At the end of the day gently beat the back of the carpet with a piece of rubber garden-hose or carpet beater to unsettle the grit and dirt that will have penetrated into the foundation. Shake it vigorously to dislodge the remaining grit and then thoroughly vacuum both back and front. For large carpets the shaking is best done by 2 people holding the carpet at opposite corners.

4. Protect the carpet from exposure to strong and direct sunlight over prolonged periods of time because this can fade even the fastest dyes.

5. Every six months rotate the carpet, put it in a different position or place so that it wears more evenly.

6. It is advisable not to place very heavy furniture, or furniture with very sharp, pointed feet on the carpet. If this is unavoidable place protective cups under  the feet. Heavy furniture must frequently be moved around a bit to prevent damage to the pile that is pressed under. Never drag furniture over your carpet.

7. It takes a lot of hard work and emotional involvement to make a good oriental carpet; protect it jealously from sugar, fat, coffee, tea, milk and anything else that is likely to leave stains. During parties when spills are more likely to go unnoticed and immediate first aid to the carpet is impossible it is a good idea to move favourite rugs to less frequented areas. After the party check all carpets for stains and damp spots.

8. If any fraying occurs, the fringes break, selvages wear out or any other damage occurs, as it naturally can with time, consult your dealer or an expert restorer immediately to protect your investment. Many a valuable heirloom has been ruined by neglect.

9. Selvages of very fine, tightly woven carpets sometimes tend to turn in under the carpet. This is an easily rectified problem but must be attended to immediately otherwise the raised part of the carpet  will wear out faster and unevenly. Take the carpet to your dealer or an expert restorer who can easily and quickly straighten it  by sewing the edges in such a way that the curl is removed permanently.


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